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Born in Sacile (PN) in 1951, he has always had the need to improve the objects around him. In 1974, after graduating as a dental technician, he began his activity until he opened his own laboratory specializing in implant prostheses and dedicating himself to a completely innovative technique at that time. Always inclined to a different approach in his life and in his work, he pursued as an
objective precision and functionality.
In 2001 he idealized and invented the Transform method and system
which has patented and revolutionized the working process of a dental technician. He is a rapporteur passionate about his work and eager to convey to all the revolutionary principles of his Trasfomer system that allows to reduce working time by increasing the accuracy of the work and limiting
the consumption of material.
The people who listened to him and knew him were struck by the passion, honesty and enthusiasm that only those who created such a revolutionary product can transmit to those who listen to him



Born in Piacenza in 1961 and graduated from the “Casati” Institute in Milan in 1979, he has been a laboratory owner since 1983. He is specialized in fixed prostheses and ceramics acquiring a deep competence in thirty years of experience thanks to the participation in numerous courses in Italy and abroad with the best national and international speakers such as Eugenio Bianchini, Oliviero
Turilazzi, Eugenio Buldrini, Giovanni Furno, Paolo Miceli, Claudio Nannini, Bepi Spina, Klaus Muterthies and Norbert Pack Active partner AIFO&RS.
Since 2005 he has been a scientific collaborator of the Orbel company and since 2014 he has been Team Leader of the Trasformer System.



Fabrizio Guacchione was born in Turin on 6 August 1967. He graduated in dental technology at IPSIA “G.Plana” in Turin in 1987 and after 4 years of training in two dental laboratories, he became a laboratory owner. Since 1998 he has been the co-owner of the laboratory “Odontofleg snc”, which since 2013 has been modified and expanded to form the company that today has the name of “Dental Planet”. Since 1994 he has worked as a pilot laboratory with GC Europe and other companies in the sector as a technical consultant. He holds practical courses and reports mainly on removable and screwed total prostheses. He writes articles and holds reports on aspects of dental management business, on “Toronto” and prostheses for immediate loading on guided surgery.
From 1993 to 2017 he was a member of ANTLO holding managerial and cultural positions. He has built his cultural background by meeting the leading Italian dental technicians and masters, he has specialized his dental training on mobile prostheses by following courses on various methods including that of Prof. Passamonti and Prof. Gerber. As for the screwed prosthesis, he attended courses and lectures by Prof. Palla (University of Zurich) and Mr. Od. Master Frigerio (former technical head of the University of Zurich). Since 2015 he has been part of the Team Leader Trasformer.

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