Stain Flow

Available in 1 gram syringes and 10 different colours (clear, white, yellow, orange, red, kaki, blue, light brown, dark brown and black) these
stains will ease and fasten the individualization of composite crowns and bridges, full and partial dentures, acrylic teeth and permanent mouth restorations. They could be injected directly from the syringe or mixed on a palette and sliding brushed on inlays, onlays and veneers obtaining absolutely natural shades.
The Fast Protec Comp Flow Stains have a composite base free of MMA thus ideals to be applied both between dentine and enamel or on the external surface giving a long-lasting effect.


syringe 1 g

Available colours

    • clear – code 1912050
    • white – code 1912051
    • yellow – code 1912052
    • orange – code 1912053
    • red – code 1912054
    • khaki – code 1912055
    • blue – code 1912056
    • light brown – code 1912057
    • dark brown – code 1912058
    • black – code 1912059

Instruction for use
Safety data sheet