Full Kit Composite

Complete bundle of Trasformer composite line. A practical and modern syringe holder will keep all you need at your fingertips!
Contains all shades of dentina, incisal and gingiva, materials for the traitement of the structure, stains and surface finishing.

Available for Flow and Rock line.

Dentina – 8 pz: A1/B1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B3/B4, C2/C3, D2/D3

Comp Flow Opaquer – 3 pz: Light, Medium, Dark

Gengiva – 4 pz: Light, Medium, Dark, Super Dark (for Rock 2 x Light e 2 x Superdark)

Incisals – 4 pz: S57, S58, S59, S60

Comp Effects – 4 pz: Light, Clear, Red, Blue

Stains Flow – 10 pz

– Intensive Comp Primer

Bond Opaquer Pink Dark

Comp Metal Primer

Comp Bonding

Comp Metal Connector

Comp Lacquer