img ArticulatorThe unique articulator of this system is provided with magnetic condyles fixed at the standard 30 degrees to perfectly reproduce all mouth movements. Diagnosis and treatment planning are simplified thanks to the posterior incisal guide pin that gives total visibility at 360°. Functional and easy to use, Articulator enable to set the model directly in articulation through the use of silicone instead of plaster.

Code: 200.0009


  • Articulator Condyles Kit – 3 pcs  _ code 200.0009.93
  • Verarte Upper Support  _ code 200.1030


VerarteVerticulator and Articulator combined in one unit in a revolutionary design. The posterior rod pin guarantees a perfect and complete visibility of the prosthesis and simply by changing the upper support of the Articulator, it is possible to transform it in a verticulator to perform ceramic moulding or plan implant dentures.

Code: 200.0029


All-in is a combination of verticulator and flask composed by one base with three rod pins and two interchangeable lids. The equilateral base enable the rotation of the model and the template at 360° allowing the dental technician to have the maximum visibility of his work. Essential item for the pre-visualization of the case and the casework planning as a verticulator, it could be used for the injection or pouring technique as a flask.

Code: 200.0030


  • All-in Spacer Package – 3 big + 3 medium + 3 small  _  code 200.030.8
  • All-in Screw + Bushing  _  code 200.0030.9