Stain Flow

Available in 1 gram syringes and 10 different colours (clear, white, yellow, orange, red, kaki, blue, light brown, dark brown and black) these
stains will ease and fasten the individualization of composite crowns and bridges, full and partial dentures, acrylic teeth and permanent mouth restorations. They could be injected directly from the syringe or mixed on a palette and sliding brushed on inlays, onlays and veneers obtaining absolutely natural shades.
The Fast Protec Comp Flow Stains have a composite base free of MMA thus ideals to be applied both between dentine and enamel or on the external surface giving a long-lasting effect.


syringe 1 g

Available colours

    • clear – code 1912050
    • white – code 1912051
    • yellow – code 1912052
    • orange – code 1912053
    • red – code 1912054
    • khaki – code 1912055
    • blue – code 1912056
    • light brown – code 1912057
    • dark brown – code 1912058
    • black – code 1912059

Instruction for use
Safety data sheet

The Queen

Compact, easy and functional polymerizing machine. It is possible to cook cold and heat-curing resins with water input and to harden silicone templates with manual air loading through button up to 6 bar pressure. Victoria is provided with heat strips that heat water gradually until a maximum temperature of 120 degrees and an automatic counter that starts decreasing time once the pre-set temperature is reached maintaining it constant.

Printer 3D

3D Printer

Thanks to the DLP printing technique, this printer offers high resolution in little time.

It is designed to print models, clasps, cast structures,  temporary crwon and bridges, individual impression, functional trays, drilling and X-ray templates, bite.

Its picker hosts up to 8 arches.

It employs light-curing resins tested in our laboratory.

Technology : The 3D printer uses a DLP (digital Light Processing) technique. This means the image is projected on the picker precisely and homogeneously, thanks to an optical circuit combined with a high resolution LED. 

Resolution and precision : XY Resolution goes from 30 to 65 µm, while Z resolution is between 5 and 200 µm.

Acrylic for Dentures Micro Pearl

Acrilic for dentureCold-curing resin for the injection, pouring or pressing techniques. Different colours available but the same stability and no shrinkage to meet all your needs: full and partial dentures, repairs and relining could be performed in an easy and fast way. Top aesthetic prosthesis with less residual monomer.




Instructions for use

Safety Sheet


  • Powder: 1000g
  • Liquid: 500ml

Acrylic for dentures micro pearl:

  • Acrylic for Dentures Micro Pearl Pink _ code 1911962
  • Acrylic for Dentures Micro Pearl Pink 34 _ code 1911961
  • Acrylic for Dentures Micro Pearl Pink Veined _ code 1911957
  • Acrylic for Dentures Micro Pearl Clear _ code 1911912
  • Acrylic for Dentures Micro Pearl Liquid _ code 1911951

Putty Silicone

Img. Putty siliconeWith ideal handling characteristics and times, Putty Silicone is an economic rigid bulk filler silicone.


  • 1kgA+1kgB – cod. 1911803
  • 5kgA+5kgB – cod. 1911903

Hardness: 70 shore

Traspa Silicone

img Traspa siliconeCrystal-clear silicone perfect for processing with light-curing composites.

Content: 1kg A+1kg B


  • 22 shore – 1911901
  • 50 shore – 1911806