Easy Flow

Universal dispenser gun for syringes and 25/50 ml cartridges.
Thanks to 2 cartridge grips, 4 plungers and 1 adapter, this special gun fits all standard 1:1, 2:1 and 4:1 ratio cartridges and 3 gr Comp Flow syringes using the specific syringe adapter. The modified plunger (n°10) is ideal to easily inject Fast Protec Comp Flow 20 gr syringes.
NOTA: To use Fast Protec Comp Flow 20 gr syringes you should modify them according to instructions of use. Use together the specific plunger (n°10).

Code 2.000.019
Instruction for use

Double Base

Double base

Two base formers made of aluminium with rubber cuffs useful to cast
the model in plaster. Thanks to the split cast designed on the base, the model becomes compatible with any product of the Fast Protec system, fitting in a precise and clean way.


  • Double Base  _  code 200.1002
  • Refill Rubber Cuffs 2pcs  _  code 200.1002.02

Teeth Clean

teeth-cleanBasket with 14 individual compartments for steam cleaning teeth securing each denture tooth position.

Code: 200.0102