From Trasformer need to keep up with the digital evolution comes CAMilleont.

The main aim is to bring that same reliability Trasformer has been known for over the years, in the digital world as well.

This would allow technicians to reach much more accurate results in little time.

The idea of a milling centre comes from PPM experience. Since 1990, it offers precision, efficiency and speed, thanks to the solid family structure behind it.It masters the ability of meeting any of its costumers’ demands, thanks to artisan skills and the capability of spotting and fulfilling any necessity.

Our service, in CAMilleont, is focused on developing the dental field in a digital sense, through advanced CAD/CAM technologies by proposing all the products involved. The workflow combines high precision Scanners, to 3D Printers which imply light-curing resins for a quicker print with the highest resolution. Everything ending with the Milling Machines. Any material can be emploied thanks to the high quality of our machines.